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second home beurs utrecht

Get your free tickets for the Second home beurs Utrech...

Second home beurs Utrecht Download your free entrance tickets HERE and join us on the Second home Beurs in Utrecht from 28 until 30 September!       

Second home beurs 2018 in Utrecht en Brussel

The second home Beurs Utrecht and Brussels

Finding your secondary residence in Switzerland  This weekend we went to the Second home Expo of Brussels to meet people looking for their dream property in the Swiss Alps. Two intense days later we are happy to announce that new clients are joining the Dreamchalet family. We are so thrilled to be able to help them find an amazing secondary residence in Switzerland for …

swiss cow fighting

Another Swiss tradition, the cow fighting!

The Swiss cow fighting in Valais Around 1920 the Rhone Valley still existed of mainly agricultural fields and most families were owners of the so called ‘Hérens-cows’. In this period Valais counted over 31’500 cows, which came down to 1 Hérens cow to every 4 habitants. Today this number significantly decreased to 1 Hérens cow every 25 habitants. The Hérens cow has been properly …

Foire du valais event that takes place in switzerland every year

Cultural exhibition in Martigny, the fair of Valais

A must-see event in Martigny, Valais nearly 400 exhibitors around 220’000 visitors, 48’000 m2 of surface, an incredible atmosphere, …the rendez-vous of autumn in Wallis THE FAIR OF VALAIS A must-see event in autumn, the ‘Foire du Valais’ has established itself as the main generalist fair in French-speaking Switzerland. The fair attracts up to 220.000 visitors a year, from the large consumer to the …

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Languages in Switzerland_do they speak Swiss?

Do we speak Swiss?

Unraveling common misunderstandings about Switzerland Perhaps you recently thought how lovely it would be to own a property in the mountains. You might started looking on the internet for a chalet for sale. The question is, where?  Switzerland sounds like a beautiful and secure country. You quickly find yourself at the initial phase of your search looking for real estate in different areas in …

Healthcare in Switzerland, doctor helping man

Swiss healthcare system

How does Swiss healthcare work and what will it cost you The EHCI (EuroHealth Consumer Index) reports that Switzerland’s healthcare expenditure is the second highest among all European countries. This is very good news but how does this Swiss healthcare system precisely work? Also, what kind of costs can one expect living in Switzerland? The Swiss healthcare system is paid for by the individual …

5 common myths about buying properties in Switzerland for foreigners

Myths about Switzerland

We help you get rid of the Swiss myths  There is a fair amount of common myths or misconceptions about Switzerland.  Over the years, we’ve heard them all and they have proven to be persistent little myths that are hard to get rid of.  In this article, we’d like to shed some light on this matter and address the top 5 myths about Switzerland, …

Emercency numbers in switzerland guideline to keep in your chalet for sale

Swiss emergency numbers

The Swiss emergency system Emergency treatment is covered by the basic Swiss health insurance and you can consult with any doctor or hospital directly in an emergency. In Switzerland there are emergency doctors’ services throughout the night and at weekends. For urgent medical treatment, go to the ER (Notaufnahme / d’urgence / pronto soccorso) of the nearest hospital; most public hospitals have 24-hour ER departments. For an ambulance, call …

Alexandre song makes the transfer to FC Sion close to Haute Nendaz in Valais

Sion football Alexandre Song

An international star is joining Sion! The ex-football player of Barcelona, Alexandre Song,  has been offered a position in Sion, Valais. Alex Song is a 30-year old Cameroonian professional footballer and will play in the canton of Valais as a central or defensive midfielder. According to him it doesn’t matter if he will be received by 1000 or just a couple of persons, because …

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