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Toblerone, a delicious symbol of Switzerland!

Posted by on October 28, 2018
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A success story unique to Switzerland

In 1867, Jean Tobler opened a confectionary in Bern. Over the years, demand for his homemade chocolates grew to such an extent that he opened a chocolate factory in 1899. In 1908, the Tobler family created the honey and almond bar, which was destined to become an enduring symbol of Switzerland throughout the world.

A year later, Toblerone became the first patented milk chocolate. We’re all incredibly familiar with the famous triangular design of the popular Swiss chocolate but we’ve all been missing something very grizzly within the chocolates design.
At first glance it just appears to be a simple mountain, but there’s actually a white bear disguised within the golden rock. Rising up on its hind legs, the animal actually fills half of the image.


But what has a bear got to do with this tasty snack?

Firstly the mountain represents The Matterhorn in the Alps, which is the most-photographed rock face in the world. Toblerone’s creator Theodor Tobler was inspired by the mountain’s triangular shape.
And the bear is a nod to the city of Bern, Switzerland because the furry creature features on its coat of arms.
The candy bar has played around with different flavours in its 120 year existence. Flavours such as fruit and nut, honeycomb, and salted almond have all been tested. From fun size, to life size, Toblerone comes in 10 sizes and weights. It’s tallest candy bar for sale is one meter in length!

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Switzerland to look for a chalet or apartment in the mountains while enjoying this wonderful Swiss chocolate!

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